Gerbil Behavior and Temperament

Unlike a mouse or hamster, gerbils can often be seen sitting up on their hind legs. Gerbils are not nocturnal, but they are sometimes active at night. They go through several normal sleep cycles in the course of 24 hours.


As pets, they are very curious and will explore anything so they can be quite entertaining to watch.


Gerbils live in colonies in the wild, so they are very social animals; they do not do well as a solitary pet.

Keeping a same-sex pair is necessary; litter-mates usually do well together. 

Being social creatures, gerbils can become quite tame with regular handling. They generally have an agreeable temperament and are only inclined to bite if they feel threatened.

Hand-taming a gerbil is usually quite easy, and treats and positive reward systems definitely help to speed up the process.


Gerbils have long furry tails that have a little tuft of fur at the end, but you should never pick up a gerbil by their tail; this will cause permanent injury.

Gerbils vs Hamsters

Gerbils are friendlier and enjoy handling, so they don't bite as much as hamsters.

Gerbils smell far less than hamsters, and are far more intelligent pets.

The care needs of both pets are about the same.

Pet gerbil playing with cardboard tube i


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